We do keyword research in all available languages; Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Thai etc.

The Importance of Keywords & Keyphrases

Keyword and keyphrase creation go hand in hand with search engine and directory submission. Keywords are no longer as relevant as they used to be in the meta-statements; they are more important in the link titles, URLs and body text of a site. A Search Engine references these vital pieces of information about your site in an index, which then returns results to users. We ask you to give us some words and phrases that you think are relevant to your service/product. We may expand on these if we think there is a demonstrable demand. Then polls one search engine in each language market. Below, where you see (target keyword), insert keywords/keyphrases relating to your particular product or service. The initial questions we ask of the search engine are:

How many unique searches for (typical target keyword) are made in English?

How many unique searches for (typical target keyword) are made in the local language (e.g. German)?

This establishes at what frequency users are searching in English or their native language. A2ZTranslate Ltd and the client then identify suitable keywords/keyphrases (and their local language versions) and ask the search engine:

In the past 30 days, how many times have you been asked for results using (actual target keyword) and similar phrases?

We can then rank the relevant importance of the keywords and which ones are going to drive the traffic.

Qualified keywords

There is a balancing act when deciding what keywords to target. Of course you will want lots of visitors coming to your site, but you also need them to be qualified visitors. The more qualified, the more valuable. 

For example, a client of ours is a hotel operator in Shanghai, China. The client wants to target the lucrative USA traveler market. We would start a "keyword pyramid" like this:


hotel china

hotel shanghai china

Of course "hotel" is a target keyphrase, there is no qualification of visitors. "Hotel China" is a better keyphrase, but "Hotel Shanghai" will produce the most targeted site visitors. 

Next look at adjectives:

5 star hotel Shanghai

Luxury hotel Shanghai etc.

Build a series of keyphrase pyramids, investigate the volume of traffic they generate, and then balance out the need for volume against the value of qualified traffic.