Web Marketing. For any business it has to be the most cost effective and efficient form of international marketing available today. To access this Global market, your web marketing has to be presented in a format that is both accessible to, and comprehensible by, a global audience.

"50.4% of Web Users speak a native language other than English" 

"Web users are up to four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer's language" 

"Site stickiness is doubled when a web site is translated - visitors stay for twice as long" 

The two keys to successful global web marketing:

Website content needs to be in the language the target customer speaks

o A Japanese student wanting to study English abroad needs to access information in the Japanese language. Your business needs to provide your customers with the opportunity to learn about your product or service in their first language.

Website needs to be easily found by the target customer

o Over 80% of all web sessions start with a search engine enquiry. Your site has to rank highly on the search engines in the language of your target market. If you want to raise brand awareness of your product in Germany, you need to be ranking highly on the German language search engines.

A2ZTranslate is a specialist website localization and search engine optimization company. We provide services to companies that wish to use the web as an efficient, effective global marketing mechanism. 

A2ZTranslate is a global web marketing solution provider. We can adapt your current web site, or build a new one from scratch, to target the international clientele that is looking for your product or service right now.

Client comments: �We have used A2ZTranslate on an ongoing basis for translation and SEO as we roll out new language versions of our website. Their communication, service and quality is excellent.� Hans Ferenz, Global Electrolysis Supplies.

Multilingual search engine optimization

We offer a range of packages in terms of number of search engines submitted to. Standard packages usually cover the top five engines; this will usually cover at least 80% of web users within any language market. Extended coverage comes with ten engines; rarely is it necessary to go beyond ten engines as those engines not in the top ten are minor and have very limited reach. All submissions are done by hand; we use no submission software.

We cover search engine submissions for the top five engines in the following language groups:

Chinese (simplified) search engine optimization (Chinese Simplified SEO)

Chinese (traditional) search engine optimization (Chinese Traditional SEO)

French search engine optimization (French SEO)

English (UK) search engine optimization (UK SEO)

English (USA) search engine optimization (USA SEO)

English (Australasian) search engine optimization (Australasian SEO)

German search engine optimization (German SEO)

Dutch search engine optimization (Dutch SEO)

Indonesian search engine optimization (Indonesian SEO)

Italian search engine optimization (Italian SEO)

Japanese search engine optimization (Japanese SEO)

Korean search engine optimization (Korean SEO)

Malaysian search engine optimization (Malaysian SEO)

Polish search engine optimization (Polish SEO)

Brazilian (Portuguese) search engine optimization (Brazilian SEO)

Russian search engine optimization (Russian SEO)

Scandinavian languages search engine optimization (SEO)

Spanish (European) search engine optimization (Spanish SEO)

Spanish (Latin American) search engine optimization (Mexican SEO)

Swiss (French and German) search engine optimization (Swiss SEO)

Thai search engine optimization (Thai SEO)

Vietnamese search engine optimization (Vietnamese SEO)

When these options have been confirmed, the submission process gets underway. Different search engines and directories require different submission procedures, so we tailor all our submissions to search engines by hand. This is done according to our own set of protocols that have been customized over time to ensure best rankings. Indexing can take anywhere from 24 hours to three months; each engine has its own schedule.

Localization of marketing

In every language market there are local language only search engines. For example, in the Korean language four of the top five search engines are local Korean only engines; if you want to access the Korean market your website must rank highly on those Korean language search engines (Daum, a Korean language only site, is one of the busiest sites on the globe). The big international search engines (Yahoo, Google etc.) have a version available in most languages, and in some markets they are dominant (e.g. Japan), but the local engines still count. A2ZTranslate Ltd manages the selective promotion of your website to the search engines in the target market(s), using international engines, local engines or a combination of both.

SEO process

Standard SEO (Search engine optimization) is comprised of three stages.

Keyword research

This involves researching the most relevant and active key phrases and then optimizing the content and meta-statements of the site to suit.

Site Optimization and Search engine submission

Search engine submission fees vary depending on the country/language group targeted. This is due to the charges levied by the individual search engines as well as the time required to negotiate the registration process.

Please note: Many search engines have very stringent criteria as to the type and content of acceptable sites. It pays to get good advice before spending time and effort submitting sites that may not fit the criteria.

Likewise we have found it of little value to submit single screen translations. A minimum should be 6 screens/1200 words of indexable content. This is due to search engine criteria and end user preferences; you are highly unlikely to generate a conversion from an e.g. Korean web user if there is only one page of relevant information in Korean. 

Ongoing reporting/maintenance

This allows us to report back to you on your website ranking and also to maintain these rankings by �tweaking" The content of your site as search engine algorithms change and competitor sites enter the market. Reporting is available at monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly frequency.