Why should you choose A2ZTranslate?

Well, we like to think its pretty obvious, but let's turn the question around. What should you be asking of a translation provider to sort the wheat from the chaff and ensure they can do what the promise? Our answers in italics.

1. How long have you been in business for? (Since 2002).

2. Is your owner/founder an actual translator, or at the very least bilingual? (Yes, he is fluent in Japanese as well as being able to hold his own in te reo Māori, with smatterings of Thai and Indonesian)

3. Do you have an actual physical office or are you just an anonymous email address? (We are for real; our office is downtown Auckland, pop in and visit us during office hours).

4. Do you have in-house staff or are they all remote contractors? (We have in-house, professional, qualified project managers. All our PMs have a minimum of a Master's level qualification in translation.)

5. Do you hold Business Liability Insurance? (Yes, we have full business liability and indemnity cover from Lumley Insurance to the value of $1million NZD. No we have never had to call on it).

6. Are your translations proofread by a separate person? (Every single translation, no matter how small or simple, is fully proofread by a second translator before it leaves the building).

7. Do I have to send you my packaging as a text file for my designer to cut and paste the translation back into the actual design? (Nope; we handle most common DTP formats such as InDesign, Illustrator, Powerpoint etc. and can deliver back the translation laid up in that format, so no cut-and-paste issues for your designer who can't read Thai).

8. If I need to update my translation in 3 years time will you still have the data, and will I be able to find you? (For all corporate customers we keep original and translated data indefinitely, unless otherwise instructed. Having been around for 17+ years can't see why we wouldn't be around for another three).